Backup and DRaaS IT Buyer's Guide

When it comes to data protection and business continuity, what is your goal? That's easy a solution you know will work every time, protecting everything you have in your data center with absolutely zero downtime and zero data loss.

Is that possible? The good news is that we are closer than ever to being able to achieve this lofty goal. However, you will need to make careful choices about the solution you implement as many of today's backup and disaster recovery solutions have large gaps forcing you to compromise or pay high costs to compensate. Additionally, some backup solution vendors are further along in incorporating new and exciting technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics that make IT administrators faster and more productive at their jobs.

Backup tools sit in a very strategic location. They touch and manage all corporate data and the majority of applications. With complete access to the lifeblood of a company, backup providers are building ways for corporations to not just protect the data at hand, but to use their reach for capabilities far beyond data protection. Selecting the right solution is increasingly more than just about basic backup.

Before choosing a backup vendor, understand the wide variety of offerings, what to look for and potential gaps in coverage to put your organization in the best position to achieve the lofty goal of total protection all the time


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