How to Survive the Next Big Cloud Outage

In April 2017, a simple human typo caused a massive Amazon Web ServicesTM (AWSTM) S3 outage. Cyence, a startup that tracks and reports on the economic impact of cyber risks and attacks, estimated the cost to S&P 500 companies at a total of $150 million. A diverse range of companies were all affected by the outage, including Nike, Netflix, Spotify, Buzzfeed, Slack and AirBnB, as well as an unknown number of IoT-connected devices that might be found throughout the home.

This event brought to light the potential risks that come with Cloud Computing and the need to be prepared. Because it's a matter of when an outage will happen rather than if, it's critical that all businesses have a backup plan to minimize the potential impact on one's customer service, revenue and brand.


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