Migrating Application Workloads to Public Cloud

Organizations migrating applications to public IaaS providers must continue to deliver an outstanding end-user experience while maintaining security, visibility, and control. F5 application and security services can achieve these goals while providing agility, consistent application and security policies, and operational costefficiency.


Enterprises and organizations from all industries and sectors are migrating or deploying new applications to IaaS public cloud providers to achieve greater agility, faster time to market, and flexible utility payment models. Whether these applications are revenue generating or critical business apps, they must ensure the same great user experience, including across associated availability, performance, and security services. However, there are challenges that need to be addressed, including determining which workloads are suitable for the cloud due to the inherent design of cloud data centers, the application delivery and security capabilities of each cloud provider, and the overall lack of visibility and control.

These challenges may lead to slow and expensive customized cloud implementations, prevent cloud vendor choice and mobility, and increase the risk of security vulnerabilities. This paper will review key considerations and known inhibitors to the successful migration of applications to the public cloud, and how deploying F5 BIG-IP application and security services-available with flexible licensing models in the leading cloud IaaS providers-are a critical element of that success.


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