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Legacy IT infrastructures often lead to higher costs as a result of increased deficiencies, including security vulnerabilities, process interruptions, or system unreliability and unavailability. Each of these deficiencies can make it more challenging to accomplish business objectives or meet customer demand. Even organizations that are not ready to go 100 percent cloud with their data management solutions, are looking towards hybrid solutions, a combination of on-premises and cloud for their data management. 80 percent of the federal government's IT budget is spent on the maintenance of legacy systems

Making a move to the cloud is a shift forward in many ways, and can empower organizations to accomplish much more with less. For the organizations with smaller budgets or an even smaller team, the cloud can save a great deal of time and money. In situations where legacy IT systems are involved, the operational costs are higher, with productivity not matching up with the costs.

In the end, IT departments are forced to allocate more time and money trying to manage and maintain systems that are simply not getting the job done. This guide will walk you through the situations that lead to the cloud, how to simplify your transition to the cloud, critical cloud security essentials, and the benefits of a cloud-based managed file transfer (MFT) deployment.


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