Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service

Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service

Cloud services can deliver big technology benefits to midsized companies who don’t have the budget to buy expensive hardware and software or employ a large staff of full-time IT professionals. Cloud services can help you rapidly introduce new services to meet your business’s needs, and make you more agile and competitive.
However, we often find that there are up to 15 times more cloud services in use than known by IT teams. These unauthorized cloud services can put your data at risk if cloud service providers (CSPs) don’t meet security or compliance standards. And costs rise as employees use redundant services.
With Cisco® Cloud Consumption as a Service (Cloud Consumption aaS), you can discover what cloud services are being used and protect your organization by identifying cloud risks. With these capabilities, you’ll have a broad view of your organization’s cloud usage (Figure 1), helping you to better meet the needs of your internal clients and predict future cloud needs. You’ll get data security tools and detailed risk profiles for each cloud service provider, which will help you uncover potential security or compliance risks. You’ll also be able to compare providers and find the right cloud services to meet your business, risk, and compliance requirements.


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