Company Snapshot

  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarters: Norwalk, CT
  • Additional Offices: Boston, London, Rochester,Toronto, Australia
  • Employees: ~500+
  • Distribution: ~8,000 MSP & VAR Partners
  • Endpoints Protected: 5 million+
  • Datto’s Private Cloud: 150 Petabytes+
  • Devices Syncing to Cloud: 45,000+

The Need for Business Continuity

  • The need to have IT systems up and running 24/7 is becoming important for businesses at every size. Business simply doesn’t get done without it.
  • Customer tolerance of downtime is effectively zero.
  • While IT Technology is generally getting more reliable, new security threats like ransom-ware are making backup more critical than ever.
  • Datto solves the Backup and Business Continuity challenges for SMB and mid market companies.


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